Maternal Substance Abuse

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External agents can cross parental barrier and harm developing embryo

Greater effects = Greater doses

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Heavy drinking causes birth defects

Alcohol passes swiftly throught the placenta

Baby organs breakdown alcohol slower = lifelong

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome - risk of miscarriage and birth

Dangerous for breastfeeding, interferes with breast injection and alcohol gets in.

Growth retardation, small children, facial defect, small head and eyes, midface defects

CNS defects - attention problems, seizures, learn difficulties, Early cell proliferation, foetal malnutrition, impaired immune system

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Caffeine, Tabacco and Cocaine

Caffeine - genital abnormalities, reproductive failures, reduced fertility, prematurity, low birth weight

Tabacco - reduces oxygen for baby, causes low birth weights, increase rate of spontaneous abortion, impaired intellectual impairment.

Cocaine - can cause miscarriage, stroke, premature cuts flow of nutrients can trigger labour

mental retardation, cerebral palsy, attitude and mood problems, babies get drug withdrawal

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