Materials And performance Revision

they are here to help with any problems you may experience with materials and performance. also to help revise.

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what is Thermal Expansion?

when an object increses in tempreture it expands!

to measure thermal expansion, fix one end of the sample clamp and rest the other end on a solid bloc. A pin attatched to a rotating pointer sits between the sample and the solid block. As the sample is heated, it expands causing the pin to rotate and the pointer to move. The sample which causes the largest movement on the scale in a certain time has the greatest thermal expansion.

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Thermal Conductance

The thermal Contuctance of a matericaldescribes how easy it is for heat to flow through it. a Material with a low thermal conductance will feel warmer than one with a higher thermal conductance.

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Electircal Conductance

the electrical conductance of a material is a measure of how easy it is for electricity flow through it.

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an item of thermal conductance.

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