Mass Tourism - Case Study

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It is located in East Africa. it gets around 700,000 tourist:

  • Fastinating tribal culture.
  • Lots of wildlife and lots of wildlife safari
  • Good weather and warm climate
  • Beatiful scenery - beaches, coral reefs, savannah, mountians, forests.
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  • Tourism contributes 15% of Kenya's GNP.
  • In 2003, 219,000 people were employed by tourism industry
  • Only 15% of money sprent by tourist stay in Kenya rest go to large travel companies located outside Kenya.


  • Tribal Culture of the Massai People are conserved as they perform traditional dances
  • Some Massai people forced off their land to make National park
  • Some muslims are offended by the way tourist dress.


  • 23 National parks, which all have enterance fees. This money is used to look after the enviroments and wildlife.
  • Safari vehicles detroy vegetation and casue soil erosion
  • Wild Animals affected Eg Cheetahs have changed hunting pattern due to tourist numbers
  • Coral Reefs in Milandi Marine National Park have been damaged by tourist boats anchoring.
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Reducing Impact and Maintaining numbers

Reduce Impact:

  • Less damaging activities offered like climbling
  • Walking or Horseback safari's to stop soil erosion


  • Advertising "Magical Kenya" to attract tourist
  • Visa fees cut by 50% in 2009 and no visa needed for under 16 to attract families.
  • Improve transport eg Mount Elgon and Ruma national park to get airstrips, to make it more accessible. Plans to sprend £8 million on improving transport.
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