Mass spectrometry, Edexcel As chemistry

5 main steps of a mass spectrometer

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what can we use it for?

it can be used for determining

1. Relative atomic mass

2. Relative molecular mass

3. Isotopic abundance 

4. Molecular structure 

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1 .Vaporisation

2. Ionisation

3. Accelration

4. Deflection

5. Detection 

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The sample is turned into GAS aka... vaporised! 

this is done by using an electrical heater. 

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The gas particles are bombarded with high speed electrons and this ionises them

the electrons knock off other electrons in order to form positive ions 

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the positive ions are accelerated by an electric field

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the positive ions' paths changes with a magnetic field.

the lighter ions have less momentun and are deflected more easily than heavier ions.

for a given magnetic field. only ions with a particular M/Z ( mass / charge ) ratio make it to the detector. 

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the magnetic field strength is slowly increased.

this changed the mass/charge ratio of ions that can reach the detector.

this produces a mass spectrum 

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