Mass Spectrometry

Mass sectrometry

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Mass Spectrometry

Mass Spectrometry: technique used to weigh atoms

Can determine:

- what iotopes exist in an element

-what atoms exisit in a molecule

-how molecules are put together


If you push a moving object it will change course - The amount it is deflected depeds on the force used and the mass of the object.

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5 stages:

1. Vapourisation of sample

2. Ionisation: electrons are knocked of atoms by beam of fast moving electrons (creates + charged ions). (if molecule - same but breaks into dif fragments)

3. Acceleration: +ve ions attracted to -ve plate with small whole in it. Some pass through hole as fine beam.

4. Deflection: moving charged ions create magnetic field. This is why their direction is changed when they reach the magnet

5. Dectection: Ions with correct mass hit dectector. Others hit wall of tube.

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