Mass media, popular culture and social change since 1945: enquires

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The Beatles: Beatlemania

  • 1957- known as the quarry men, inbars around liverpool. high competition(400) similar bands in the area.
  • 1960- became the beatles, on tour in hamburg the group bacame 'exuberant, popular' with ameican servicemen and german audiencs. 
  • 1961- meeting with George Martin(Producer) and Brian Epstein (manager).
  • 1962-oct-single 'love me do'fist to to reach the charts.-Mccarney written age 16
  • Lennon+Mccartney wrote 17 no 1 hits 1963-69
  • 1964- british invasion into american charts. 12 records in Americas top 100
  • 1965-awarded MBE for services on british export
  • 1966-stopped live tours, audience too loud, became more experimental in recording studio.- sergeant peppers lonely hearts club, blurred lines of elite and popular culture. 
  • 1970-band broke up
  • 1981- P.Norman book: Shout! The true story of the beatles = sell of merchandise equalled 100 million (pd)
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Investigative Journalism

  • 1987-secret societ series- 6 programmes by Duncan Campbell, new spy sattelite- zircon, banned by advice of the government. Glasgow BBC HQ were still raided to remove 'all traces'. Director Michael Checkland forced to resign
  • BBC neutral way of reporting northern ireland- thatcher unhappy, 1988, interviews with Sinn Fein leaders, eg Garry Adams banned,-had to be disguised to avoid ban
  • Charter 88 pressure group- oppose cencorship on Sinn Feid ban
  • April 1988, ITV: theis weeks, death on the rock' showed killing of 3 pr IRA members by SAS(secret advice service) in Gibralta. (planted bomb allegedly), witnesses suggest it was rather cold blooded
  • Thatcher home secretary:Douglas Stowe ban showing, IBA refused- public interst story
  • 1985 Al Yamamah affair-millions for arms to saudi arabia. 
  • meher Mahamood, 1999 repoter of the year, bomb plot, becham kidnapping-planned + planted.
  • Dodgy dossier- 2003 Dr kelly Suicide, thought to be government killing after he release information about iraqy invasion for 'non existent' weapons, although Hutten report (04) had opposed. 
  • Belgrano in Falklands war april 1982, HMS conquerer(submarine) supposedly sunk Argentinaian Cruiser Belgrano, while in total exclusion tzone and turning away from the battle. clive ponting released this info- charged but found not guilty-public issue. regained control of the Isaland, cost 4 billion
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Falklands war

  • 300 miles of Argentina, Falklands islands, 75,000 miles from UK had no valuable resouces. 
  • british control since 1833
  • 1945 Argentina gargued it should be theirs, citizens of the island disagreed, 
  • 1982 Argentinian troops landed on the island, british ships soon folled in april. 
  • May 2 Thatcher ordered HMS Conguerer to sink the Belgrano cruiser, 368 crew members died 
  • Begrano, as released my ministry of defence civil servant, Clive Ponting, was not in the Total exclusion Zone(space for british attack) and was indeed turning away from the battle. released to labour MP Tom Dallyell. 
  • Ponting found not guilty by arguing it as the public interest 
  • Thatcher attacked by David frost 1995, stayed strong wrong
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Dr David Kelly and the Dodgy Dossier

  • July 2003, Dr David Kelly found dead in a forest near his home in Oxforshire. 'hutton report 04 claims/confirms a suicide  by the labour gvernment-blair.'
  • Some believe hutton report was a whtewash/coverup
  • Dr Kelly, bio weapon expert in Ministry of defence previously leaked to BBC's A. Gilligan an impliation the Iraq invasion to find 45 minute mass weapons never existed. eg unessssary invasion- released on radio
  • taken to court found not guilty, found dead few days later. 
  • Journalist Giligan resigned as well as members of the BBc board of Governers. 
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  • No fact checking-(Obama) unreliable
  • Weblog, CNN effect convinced less media attention should be on iraq, citizen reporters able to go to reprot from country, RiverbendBagdhad. Soldiers and creater upload pictures and experinces. 
  • 2008- 200 million blogs created, 3 million active in uk
  • democratisiation- no need for printing or other specialist training, cheaper and easier
  • only 20% of internet users used or read blogs in britain
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Internet Piracy

  • downloading of music for free-1990 fileshareing software, eg Napster(shut down 2001)
  • lime wire(filesharer) 'contine to flourish 2000s.
  • Digitital generation/ milleniums/ igeneration- born mid 1990s, dont remember before internet
  • 2009 digital britain-  7 million downloads in 1 yr- cost 20 billion
  • digital economy bill 2009, reinvent coypyright law, immediate diconnect to thse who download. faught be google, bay, facebook etc
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Diana spencer

  • Wedded Prince Charles 1981
  • bith of price William 1982, prince Harry 1984
  • Divorced 1996, death 1997 paris.
  • Squdgygate, recorded 1989 new years eve, released 1992- recoreded elicit affair with Gilbey 
  • Diana loved by the press in her early year 'played them' after sguidgygate and divorce she was questioned by the public and the press.
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