Mary Queen of Scots Plots

The plots of Mary Queen of Scots that led to her execution in 1586.

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1571 Ridolfi Plot

  • Plot to marry Mary to Norfolk and secure her accession to the English throne.
  • The plot was made by Ridolfi.
  • Philip was willing to give his support with 10,000 troops from the Duke of Alba and financial aid.
  • The support never materialised.
  • Privy Council wanted her execution but Elizabeth refused so she didn't annoy Spain and France.
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Throckmorton Plot 1583

  • Mary wanted to assert her claim on he English throne.
  • the Duke of Guise and Spanish Ambassador planned to reassert Catholic control in England and use it as a base to invade England.
  • Showed a franco-spanish alliance would be used against England.
  • Elizabeth, again, didn't execute Mary.

1584- Bond of Association was made- a lynch law that if a plot was uncovered trying to remove Elizabeth, both James and Mary would be destroyed.

1585- Act for preservation of the Queen's safety- only Mary would be barred from the succession if a plot was found.

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Babington Plot 1586

  • Walsingham was convinced there was a plot to replace Elizabeth with Mary.
  • Gifford was arrested for plotting on Mary's behalf.
  • He agreed to act as an agent for Walsingham and set up communication between Mary and the French ambassador through putting letters in a beer cask.
  • Mary agreed to the Babington plot- English catholics would rise with the Catholic league and she wrote emphasing the need for foreign support.
  • This was enough for Mary to be removed.
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