Mary I (1553-1558)

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Religious policies

  • Wanted to re-introduce Catholicism, her succession greeted with enthusiasm.
  • Papal headship restored 1554 by Cardinal Pole, under Mary England was restored back to full papal obedience; Pope hadn't exercised power in over 20 years, pleasing conservatives and Catholics.
  • Pole became Archbishop of Caterbury.
  • Repeal of Act of Uniformity- 1553 proclaimed that all divine services and administration of sacraments should be as they had been in Henry VIII's reign.
  • Re-emphasis of the Act of the Six Articles 1539, 
  • Mary didn't use the Inquisition (to investigate and destroy outbreaks of heresy) or the Jesuits as England was content.
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  • Mary didn't produce an heir to continue her dynasty.
  • Married King Pillip II of Spain 1554.
  • Wyatt's Rebellion 1554, a xenophobic reaction to her marriage to Phillip. Not about how she was ruling the country. Sir Thomas Wyatt executed 1554 for his involvement- controlled with ease.
  • Protestant Persecutions 1555-58, nearly 300 people were executed (showing firm control) and her 'Bloody Mary' nickname is justified. 
  • 1556 Thomas Cranmer former Archbishop of Canterbury burnt at the stake.
  • 1555 Protestant Churchmen Latimer and Ridley burnt at stake.
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