Mary & Religion

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1. Religious Support

Papal Support:

- Nov. 1554, (3rd Parliament) Monastic lands were not restored to Catholics, and Pope Julius appointed Reginald Pole papal legate & Archbishop of Cantebury

Wyatt Rebellion:

- consequences were lenient as only Wyatt & Duke of Norfolk were executed for treason, 600 were pardoned (good fortifications in London meant rebellion never breached the walls)


- Mary had become a symbol for Catholic resistance (refused to obey the ban on 'mass' and allowed to do so in private)

- 20th July, Council in London informed Northumberland they had proclaimed Mary Queen (Mary arrived in London to celebrations and widespread support from the Catholic majority)

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2. Religious Opposition

Papal Opposition:

- 1555, Pope Paul IV removes Pole as papal legate, so he struggles with authority (pope Paul VI was also anti-Spanish and hostile towards Philip + withdrew support for Pole in 1557)

Wyatt Rebellion:

- one of the causes was the fear of re-Catholicism (many rebels came from Maidstone, a Protestant stronghold so the significant minority could not be ignored)

- dynastic threat (force of 4,000 & reached Charring Cross + Ludgate in London before being weakened)

Mary's Response:

- Foxe's Book of Martyrs portrayed Mary as 'bloody' and ungodly (burned 289 Protestants,burnings occured in 60 places in London)

- John Rogers & Rowland Taylor were popular preaches (killing of humble people also created martyrs + servants & apprentices were banned from attending burnings)

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