Marxist Theory of Social Class

The marxist theory of social class

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Marxist Theory of Social Class

Critical of the class structure in capital societies due to the seen exploitation of the workers by the owners of the means of production.

Class is based on economic factors such as ownership, work and money.

For capitalism to continue the superstructure like education, the media need to legitimise its existence. We learn through the superstructure what our place in society is and as long as the base structure is functioning we will have jobs and live comfortable lives- although not as comfortable as the owners!!

Conflict- between bourgeoisie (exploiters) and proletariat (exploited)

Bourgeoisie will be the most powerful until the proletariat are fully class conscious and realise their place in the success of capitalist society

Government pamper to the bourgeoisie- fear of lack of investment into society- may (and do) look elsewhere to build their empire

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Positive Points

We have learnt that a class system exists based on economics and can be more advantages for some

A capitalist system exploits the workers

Highlights the unequal distribution of power between classes

Acknowledged an underclass. LUMPENPROLETARIAT

Positive view of the future for the proletariat 

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Economically deterministic- Largely ignores the effects of other social groupings/ aspects on one’s social class

Underestimate the importance of the middle classes 

Large companies offer shares in their business, although the number of shares will be determined by your salary ( encourages workers to work harder)

Only focuses on two groups

Lives/ lifestyles for workers in capitalist societies have improved

Ignores the importance of status

Social mobility is evident (movement between classes)

Class is not as important today to the individuals identity

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