Marxist Perspective on family

Marxist perspective on family.

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Basic Beliefs

  • Adopt a structural perspective on family
  • See family within the framework of a capitalist society based on private property, profit and conflicting classes.
  • Nuclear family teaches members to submit to the capitalist class.
  • Emphasises how family reproduces unequal relationships and work to distort class conflicts.
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Engels (1820)

  • Believed monogamous nuclear family ideal as means of passing on private property.
  • Acted as proof of paternity.
  • Women's role was to provide an heir in return for security (food and shelter).
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  • French marxist Althusser, argues capitalism survives if working class submit to ruling class.
  • Family is main way of passing or reinforcing ideology.
  • Through socialisation, the ideology is injected into family.
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  • Taditional marxist perspective is old-fashioned. Marrying to pass on property ignores other reasons to get married.
  • Changing role of women: less likely to marry for economic security.
  • Marriage less of a social necessity.
  • 2003 report shows marriage based on love not obligation.
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