Marxist Ideology


Economic Determism

Marxists see the world in relation to economic terms:

Economic Determism- meaning that Marxists believe that economics are the sole motivator of our entire culture

  • books, films and television programmes have no part to play in bringing about cultural change
  • our economic circumstances entirely determine our culture
  • the only way to escape from Market Liberalism is revolution
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Scientific Socialism Theory

- Predicted the advanced Capitalist societies would gradually would become Communist

- Everything would be equally shared- no hunger or hierarchy

- Predicted for it happening first with the British Empire; instead it happened with the Russian Empire (poorest)

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Why the Working Class?

The ruling class do not carry out any work so they cannot learn from anything; whereas the working class do all the work- they have the capacity to learn and grow.

Eventually the working class will grow wise and will sweep away the upper classes

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Civilisation Theory

Karl Marx often talked about the four stages of humanity; arguing that Socialism would be the 5th

1. Primative Communism- tribal operative societies (pre historic)

2. Slave Society- tribes move to cities; aristocracy is born

3. Feudalism- aristocrats are the rulling class and merchants evolve into capitalists

4. Capitalism- capitalists are ruling class who create and employ the proletariat

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Marx's Theories Today

  • Marxist ideology is left wing
  • Although Marx proposed a revolution, the British Labour party-democratic societal change
  • The three countries describing themselves as Communist: China, Cuba, North Korea
  • Mankind extracts what it needs from the Earth and environment to survive
  • Each succeeding system of civilisation is more civilised than the last
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