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who makes the law ? who bennifits ?Snider

capatalist state is often reluctant to pass laws that threaten the profitability of large businesses . often the state has worked hard to attract large corporations and does not want to risk allienating them

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who makes the law ? who bennifits ?Pearce

many laws which appear to benifit only the working class , in reality benifit the ruling class aswell. cfactory legislations protecting health and saftey of workers bennifit capatalist by keeping workers fit for work and loyal to their employers

This can be criticised as not all laws are in rulling class intrests many seem to benifit everyone such as traffic laws.

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who breaks the law and who gets caught:Chamblis

He studied crime in american city of seattle and found that thoes in power were able to use their power to conduct criminal activity and advoid prison. He found an organised synidcate which included elite buisnesmen and politicians who used money and influence to bribe officals.

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who breaks the law? who gets caught ? Snider

many of the most deviant acts in modern society are corprate crimes. Corprate crime cost more in terms of loss of money and life than street crimes such as burglary. In  the usa 20,000 people murdered a year 140,000 a year die through corprate crime.

1890-1969 only 4.9% of offenders of corprate crime were imprisioned.

This is criticised by left realists who say : marxist put too much emphasis on corprate crime. other crimes such as bulglary causes greater harm than marxists imply. Their victims are usually working class and the consequences can be devastating for them.

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who makes the law? who bennifits? chamblis

suggets that much of what takes place in the creation of rules is non decision making. Many issues such as the way wealth is distributed never reaches the point of decision

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who makes the law? who bennifits? Marxist

  • laws are made by the state which represent the intrest of the rulling class. maintaing it power and controll
  • people have unequal accses to the law , having money to hire a good lawyer can be the difference between being found guilty or not
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why break the law? why enforce the law ? Chamblis

suggest we break the law due to ...

the greed , slef intrest and hostility generated by capatalist society motivates crimes at all levels within society. members of all classses use whatever oppurtunities they have to commit crime.

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why break the law? why enforce the law? Gordon

given the nature of capataliust society , crime is a rational outcome. in a society where competition if the order of the day , individuals must fend for themselves in order to survive.

selective enforcement of the law and reporting in the media gives the impresson that criminals are largely working class.

He thinks this diverts attentions from rulling class crime but also diveds the working class as working classs criminals become targets to anger asther than the system itself.

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evaluation marxist

feminist - marxist ignore the importance of patriarchy in influencing the criminal justice system . they also neglect the importance of racism in the enforcment of the law.

stephen jones- capatalism does not always produce high crime rate in switzerland it is very low

postmodernist criminology- rejects marxist criminology as being neither belivable nor defensible

hughly deterministic , rarley considering individuals free will

criminal justice system does sometime act against teh intrest of the rulign class such as prosecuting for corprate crime.

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strengths marxist

offers a usefull explanation of the relationship between crime and capatalist society

it shows the link between law making and enforcment and the intrest of the capatalist class

it cast doudt on validity of offical statistic on crime.offical stats are little use if they just represent the policy of selective law enforcment and ruling class controll.

offers a solution to crime- communist society.  

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