Martin Scorsese TAOI Film Adaptation (AO5)

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Key Points to Mention in Essay

- at Beaufort's ball in chapter 3 - May and her entourage are all dressed similarly (same colour dress etc.) - reflective of 'the product of the system' quote. 

- Newland and May's discussion about the future of their relationship in chapter 10 takes place in a garden with caged birds - potential foreshadowing about the constraint of freedom that Newland will later feel shown through the use of a symbol. More birds in Boston than New York also. 

- in scenes that take place at Ellen's abode, the fire is usually burning and great focus is often placed on it through close-up shots - the fires of love? Sparks fly. 

- after his marriage to May - Newland constantly wears bright colours such as cream and white, potentially reflective of his artifical happiness or 'corruption' of his individuality by May. 

shot of all men wearing black and walking in the same direction is a statement on conformity

- May physically 'stands up' for herself in the chapter 32 argument with Newland. 

- Ellen memory at end of film is full colour whereas the original scene was in sepia - memory more powerful than reality?

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