Marshall Plan

Marshall Plan

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Marshall Plan - Part 1

  • Truman believed that communism had succeeded when people faced harship and poverty
  • George Marshall visited Europe in June 1947
  • He returned convinced that western Europe were about to turn communist as he said every country in Europe was poor
  • The aim of the Marshall Plan was to help Europe recover economically as quickly as possible

  • This put the Truman Doctrine into action - President Truman would help any nation threatened by communism
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Marshall Plan - Part 2

  • Countries in Europe owed the USA $11.5 billion

  • There were extreme shortages of all goods and in the winter of 1947.
  • There was a coal shortage so huge that in Britain all electricity was turned off for a period of time each day

  •  Truman gave $17 billion to Europe and this money was spread between 16 countries to stop them from giving into Communism

  • People now had money for food, clothing and the rebuilding of their homes after the war 
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How did this cause tension?

  • Stalin believed taht the USA wanted to dominate the world through Dollar Imperialism.
  • This means that countried could depend on loads from the USA so they would have to do what the USA told them to do.
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