Marshall Aid and Truman Doctrine

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What are they?

America was pursuing the policy of containment - meaning they were trying to stop the spread of Communism.

The Truman Doctrine was a speech saying they'll support weak countries.

Marshall Aid was when they decided who gets aid and gives it to the government. They spent $17 billion.

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Marshall Plan

  • The US secretary of state, General George Marshall, implemented it in June 1947.
  • They brought the policy in because they thought that unless living conditions improved in Western Europe quickly, people might vote for Communist parties.
  • The policy consisted of the USA offering money, equipment and goods to states willing to work together to help their economy and they, in return, would buy American goods and allow American companies to invest in their industries.
  • The consequences of the policy were 16 Western European States set up the OEEC (European Economic Cooperation) to put the plan into action. The USA spent $17 billion to help them build their economies. Europe became more firmly divided between East and West.
  • It was successful in achieving their aims because the line between the two parts of Europe became more firm which meant that the West of Europe falling to Communism became less and less likely.
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Truman Doctrine

  • President Truman implemented it in a speech to congress on the 12 March 1947.
  • They brought in the policy because Britain could no longer afford to support Greece and Turkey and appealed to the USA for money. They agreed because they didn't want Britain to fall to communism as it would put all nearby countries at risk.
  • The policy consisted of the USA supporting free people who were resisting attempts to overwhelm them by armed minorities or by outside forces.
  • The consequences of the policy were Greece defeated Communists and Turkey sucessfully resisted Soviet pressure. The rivalry between the USA and USSR increased. The USA became more committed to containment. Stalin set up Cominform to link Communist parties in Europe and worldwide in common.
  • The policy was successful because neither Turkey nor Greece fell to Communism, however Stalin did set up Cominform which was an attempt to press Communism more effectively.
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