Marshall plan/Hungarian uprising/Berlin Blockade


The Marshall Plan

  • America hadn't had the same level of destuction during  WW2 so needed to provide finantial aid to Europe
  • George Marshall was the US secratary of state.
  • The plan was to give economic aid to war-torn countries in toder to stop communism from taking over in west Europe. 
  • Between 1948 &1952, America gave $12.7 billion of aid, in addition to $13 billion already given before the Mashall plan happened.
  • It took unitl the 1950's for the effects of the money to be shown
  • There was a debate about if the aid should be given to the Soviets as well but the soviets didn't agree to the conditions so none was given
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The Hungarian uprising

  • 1956, Hungarians begun to protest about the lack of their political freedoms, fuel shortages & poor harvests.
  • After protests, Hungarian prime minister Rakosi is sacked
  • Imre Nagy replaces Rakosi. He thought that communists should still have personal freedoms.
  • Nagy allowed non-communists to join the government and ordered the release of many political prisoners. He also got Khrushchev to remove Soviet troops
  • Khrushchev accepts Nagy's preposition and removes all troops.
  • After the troops left, Hungary announced they will leave the Warsaw pact.
  • Khrushchev says they cant leave the Warsaw pact in fear that others will follow.
  • November 4th 1956, over 1000 soviet tanks roll on Hungary.
  • Nagy begs for help from the west but none came.
  • The soviets brutally murder over 20,000 Hungarians
  • Kadar is made the new president. He says that he can give Nagy safe passage but gives him to the Soviets. 
  • Nagy is killed by the Soviets.
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The Berlin Blockade

  • Stalin knew that the Western-occupied zones of Berlin were vulnerable, as they were entirely surrounded by Soviet occupied territory. In addition there were just 2 ahreed land routs and 2 air routes across the Soviet zone of Germany to western occupied Berlin.
  • In June 1948, Stalin decided to block off all land routes to Berlin.
  • He wanted to show that a divided Germany wouldn't work.
  • If the blockade was successful, Stalin would have won a huge propaganda battle but because of the Berlin airlift, he was presented as aggressive.
  • Western European and mainly American planes flew 17000 tonnes of essentials in to West Berlin daily.
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