Christian views on marriage

Christian views on marriage

Marriage should be for life

Marriage is something God intended

Men and women get married of their own free will

Monogamy is the right way to live

Permanant marriage is the best setting for children

Three main purposes:

Help and support one another throughout life

Enjoy sexual closeness and bonding

Raise children

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A Christian wedding

A Christian wedding service:

A preist, vicar or minister will preform the ceremony in the eyes of God

Bride and groom make vows before congregation

Vows include a promise to love, comfort, honour, help and remain faithful to one another

Bride and groom say they are free and willing to marry

Rings are exchanged and marriage is blessed

Two witnesses, the bride and the groom sign the marriage register

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In other wedding customs..

Other wedding customs may incude:

The bride wears white to symbolise her virginity

The bride promises to obey her husband

Confetti or rice can be thrown (fertility, prosperity- similiarly to the flowers carried by bridesmaids)

Money may be pinned to brides clothes

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