Marks's Gospel


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The Call of the First Disciples

How nature of discipleship is shown:

  • “ordinary people” Anyone can be a disciple - equality
  • Their task is to become “fishers of men”
  • They needed to trust Jesus, although to them he was a stranger
  • The Disciples had to leave everything behind to follow Jesus - family, jobs, possessions etc.. 
  • They had an immediate response to Jesus’ call - “at once” no questions asked

What it means for Christians today:

  • They could take inspiration from the willingness and trust of the Disciples.  It is hard to be so trusting today.
  • They could feeling accepted and not so insignificant as any ordinary person can be a Disciple- equality
  • The Disciples left everything behind to follow Jesus, today many people are more material. It teaches them to place less importance on material goods.
  • Two of the disciples left “their father on the boat” and many had to leave family and friends behind. This shows that religion and following Jesus, is more important than being with your family
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Jesus Eats with Sinners

It shows that Jesus came to help the sinners and wants to help them. Every Christian sins and this would make them feel more loved and supported. 

Jesus ate with the outcasts in the community - showing that Christians today should support others in the community and not discriminate. Jesus loves everyone and is not ashamed to eat with them.

Jesus stands up to the Pharisees and answers their question.


Today Christians should not be afraid to explain why they are doing controversial things. 

respond immediately to the call

 spread the word (Levi invited fellow tax collectors to a meal with Jesus).

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Sending of the Twelve

How nature of discipleship is shown:                                                                                                                                                                                    > The disciples don’t need Jesus to do God’s work and help others.                                                                                                         > They don’t need everything they thought they did to survive - they should not worry about food, clothes or money- “ no bread, no bag, no money in your belt”  Jesus wanted them to be unburdened so they could concentrate on God.                                                                                                                                                                                                      >They should preach repentance - they had “authority over unclean spirits”                                                                           >They helped the sick and healed them, by anointing with oil and casting out demons. This was a mission to those who were willing and ready to listen.

What it means for Christians today                                                                                                                     > Just because Jesus isn’t on earth doesn’t mean Christians today cannot do God’s work and help others the disciples did this on their own also. ( e.g. priests and nuns today)                                                        > One person can make a difference to many others - Christians should try to be like the disciples and focus on vocations. Today they might feel insignificant and this encourages them to follow their vocations.    > Jesus sent the disciples to spread the word of God  (e.g. today missionaries and priests)Christians should try to do this today. - Help the sick - doctors etc..                                                                             >  Like the disciples, you don’t need worldly possessions, God will provide you with everything you need.

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True Family

Costs of discipleship:


> disciples must give up their families if God requires it.

> This tests the commitment of the disciples. 


Problems for Christians today:


> Jesus is no longer here - it is hard to respond to an idea not a person

 > Society is more secluded - people depend on their families more, leaving would be irresponisble

 > Christian churches use family as a basis for society. 

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True Greatness

Costs of discipleship:

 >  this shows the cost of discipleship as having to become like a child in relationship to God, and being prepared to be last in the eyes of the world in order to be first in the eyes of God. 

> disciples need to be servants of all.

> They had to give up their status and become equal to women and children - hard in Jewish context

> They should be proud etc..


Problems for Christians today:

> There is greater equality so it is harder to ‘serve’ others today. 

> Some people are too proud to accept money, it is harder to help those in need. 

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A Rich Man



> They must do more than give up the commandments - sacrifice possessions and wealth

 > They must be in service to others: “many of those who are last will come first” 

> They must give everything to the poor, wealth is a big barrier: “it is harder for a camel to come through the eye of a needle than a rich man to get into heaven.”

> They must depend  on God as “everything is possible” for him. 




> Many Christians value money greatly today and most would and have not given everything to the poor. 

> They might worry that even if they have been following the commandments, they will not get into heaven. 

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Parable of the Tenants

Costs of discipleship:


>The disciples should be prepared to die for God, as this is what the parable suggests.

> It also suggest that Jesus will die - disciples should be prepared to carry on even after this.

> It could be a prediction - disciples should learn from this and be prepared for Jesus to be unpopular.


Christians today


> It shows that to help others you must sacrifice 

> Be prepared to stand up for Jesus

> Shows the reason why God sent Jesus

> Teaches against materialism - the tenants were greedy and killed over land.

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Spirit Cast from the Boy

Problems of discipleship:

 > disciples thought that merely repeating the words were enough but their relationship was not strong enough for them to be able to help the boy.They asked Jesus why this was and he replied “Only prayer can drive this kind out” 

> It is difficult to have genuine faith even when you want to. The boy’s father has faith but “not enough” he asks Jesus to help him have more. 

> It is hard to fulfill their mission of exorcism. They couldn’t because they didn’t have enough faith - “I asked your disciples.. But they couldn’t” 

> Disciples cannot be too dependent on Jesus - they couldn’t drive out the demons without Jesus’ help.

> It is easy to misunderstand the connection between faith and prayer.


Problems for  Christians today:

>If the boy’s father didn’t have enough faith when Jesus was there, how can Christians have faith now

> If the disciples had trouble doing God’s work without Jesus,  it must be very hard to do so without Jesus

> It could question medical information with religion ; there is no evidence of “demons” in science/

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