marks gospel key terms death and resurrection


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feast of unleavened bread

the first day of the passover festival 

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last supper

the last meal jesus ate with his disciples, which founded the eucharist 

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jewish festival celebrating the release from egypt 

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upper room

the place where the last supper took place 

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the place where jesus was arrested 

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Judas Iscariot

the disciple who betrayed jesus 

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associating oneself with god/ language or deeds that insult god 

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high priest

the chief jewish leader at the time of jesus 

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the supreme jewish council which found jesus guilty of blasphemy 

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pontius pilate

the roman procurator(governer)of judea at the time of jesus 

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the roman death penalty suffered by jesus when he was nailed to the cross 

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the place of the skull; the place where jesus was crucified 

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