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Introduction and baptism


This is the good news about Jesus Christ the Son of God


Jesus Came from nazareth

He Asked John the baptist to baptise him

The heavens opened

The holy spirit decended as a dove

A voice from heaven said this is my son with whom I am most pleased.

Jesus went into the desert for 40 days and 40 nights

He was tempted by satan

And was led there by the holy spirit

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Jesus Calls the first disciples

After John had been put in prison Jesus went to preach the Good news in Gallilee

Jesus said " the right time has come the kingdom of God is near turn away from sin and beleive the good news"

Saw Simon and Andrew and said come with me and I will teach you to catch people

James and John were called by Jesus.

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A man with an evil spirit

Took place in the town of capernaum in the synagogue

It was on the sabbath

People were amazed with his teaching as he taught with authority and wasn't like the teachers of the law.

Evil Spirit cried "what do you want with us Jesus of nazareth are you here to destroy us we know you are Gods holy messenger.

Jesus Said : " Be quiet and come out of him" the spirit gave a loud scream and threw the man.

People amazed who is this man who even the evil spirits obey.

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Jesus Heals a paralised man

Took place in Capernaum in someones house

People could not bring the man to Jesus because the house was too crowded.

Four men brought the man

They cut a hole through the roof and lowered the man through.

Jesus saw the man and said "my son your sins are forgiven

This annoyed the teachers of the law as they said that only God can forgive sins

Jesus said is it easier to say your sins are forgiven or to say pick up your mat and walk I will prove to you that the son of man has power to forgive sins.

Jesus said to the man Go pick up your mat and go home.

People were amazed saying we have never seen anything like this.

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Sabbath Corn

Disciples were walking through corn fields and they picked and ate the corn

Pharisees said it is against our law for your disciples to do that

Jesus said" Have you never read what David did when he and his followers were hungry and needed something to eat? He ate the bread that was to be offered to God."

Jesus colncluded that the sabbath was made for human beings not for the sabbath and that the son of man is lord of the sabbath. By Saying:" The sabbath was made for the good of mankind they were not made for the good of the sabbath so even the son of man is lord of the sabbath.

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The Man with a parylised hand

Jesus Performed this miracle in the synagogue

Some people watched to see if Jesus would do something wrong and heal this man on the sabbath.

Jesus called the man to come up to thefront Then he asked the people there what does our law allow us to do on the sabbath to help or to harm to save a mans life or destroy it"

The people in the synagogue did not say a word. Jesus was angry yet felt sorry for them for their stubborness.

He said to the man:"strech out your hand" he did and his hand was healed.

The Pharisies and members of herods party began to plot Jesus' death.

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Jesus calls the twelve

Jesus went up to a hill

He called them appostles

The twelve were told: I have chosen you to be with me, you will go out and preach, and you will drive out deamons in my name.

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The Parable of the sower

Jesus said there was once a man who went out to sow corn

As he scatered some fell on the path and it was eaten up by birds.

Some fell on rocky ground and grew but grew shallow roots and was burned up by the sun.

Some fell near weeds and was choked

But some landed in good soil and sprouted 30 60 and 100 grains

The sower sows Gods word

On the path it symbolises Gods word never being listened to

On the rocky ground it symbolises shallow faith that dies at the first sign of trouble

On thethorns it symbolises faith being choked by other things in the world eg. money etc.

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More Parables

You do not put a lamp under a bowl you put it on a lampstand for all to see as all things that have been made hidden will be revealed.

The man who plants a seed does not know how big it grows or how it grows.

A mustard seed is one of the smallest seeds in the world after a while it grows and becomes the biggest of all plants. It puts out such large branches that birds rest in it's shade.

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Jesus calms the storm

Jesus was sleeping in the back of the boat with his head on a pillow.

The disciples woke him saying: "teacher don't you care that we are about to die.

He commanded the wind to "be quiet" and said to the waves be still

Jesus said to the disciples: " why are you afraid do you have no faith"

The disciples were afraid and said;" who is this man even the wind and waves obey him."

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Jairius' Daughter and the woman who touched Jesus'

Jarius was an official at the local synnagogue and he threw himself down at Jesus' feet

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