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Market Pull

Market pull refers to the requirements of the market place 'pulling' companies to produce what the market wants.

E.g. requirement for 'easycare', where consumers demand textile products that comfortable and easy to look after.

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Technology Push

Technology Push  is the development of new technologies leads to new products being 'pushed' into the market.

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Soft cell

Soft cell - Selling someone not a product but a lifestyle. Make an illusion to buy the products.

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Hard cell

Hard Cell - selling something on its technical points    

 U - Unique   S - Selling   P- Point

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Treacle up

Treacle up- People create own fashion and it becomes mainstream therefore "treacles up" - from street to shop

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Treacle down

Treacle Down-  Catwalk design get simplied to be sold high street shop E.g. Alexander McQueen

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