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Earth provides

What are materials made of?

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All materials are made out really tiny atoms.

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What is inside a atom?


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Atoms have a small central nucleus. Whizzing like an orbit round the nucleus are tiny electrons


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What happens to the electrons when a metal and non metal combine?

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When metals and non-metals combine, the metals give up their electrons and the non-metals take them.

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What keeps hold of  atoms together in chemical compounds

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The sharing or moving of electrons from one atom to another makes the chemical bonds that holds atoms together in chemical compounds

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When two non metals combine what happens to the electrons.

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When non-metals combine, the atoms share electrons and form molecules.

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What is limestone?

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Limestone is a yellow or grey stone made out of calcium carbonate.

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Where does limestone come from?

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Limestone comes from the remains of ancient sea creatures

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Uses for limestone?

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What is the product of Limestone and Water?

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