Manufacturing in Quality

Cards for AQA GCSE Resistant Materials on Manufacturing in Quality

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Templates, jigs, moulds


  • very easy + simple
  • reproduce any no. of identical shapes from 1 original pattern
  • need to be strong  + hard-wearing so can be used repetitively
  • components can be checked against original template for accuracy


  • guides the tools that are working on a component
  • can be made specifically for a job
  • designed to speed up production + simplify making process
  • drilling jig gets rid of need for complex marking out + cuts down errors


  • commonly used for plastics - used in vacuum forming, compression moulding, blow moulding
  • only cost-effective to make if large numbers of product are needed
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Mass Production costs

Have to think about these things when starting mass production:

  • New technology = expensive
  • Staff - wages
  • Transport - vehicles + fuel
  • Stock + Premises - need to spend money on bigger buildings to hold stock
  • Organisation - big operation = plan to reduce risk of wasting time + materials, also need to pay for managers

However there are bonuses to mass production:

  • can make each product quicker - saves on wages
  • bigger machines = more efficient = cheaper to run
  • discounts if you buy materials in bulk
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