Managing Stress - Social Support - Waxler-Morrison

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Managing Stress - Social Support - Waxler-Morrison

This technique is less of an intervention but more of a social situation. Having close friends/family can help benefit your health. Social support groups such as slimming clubs help improve a persons mental well-being.

Aim/M&P: Look at how a woman's social relationships influence her response to beat breast cancer and survival; 133 women; under 55; pre-menopausal; Quasi exp; diagnosed with breast cancer; sent questionnaires; about social support; questions on education; family responsibilities etc; and diagnoses were taken from medical records; checked again 4 years later.

Results: There is a significant relationship between amount of support and reported survival. 6 aspects of social network significantly linked with survival: e.g. Marital status/Contact and support from friends/ Total support/social network and employment. Qual data showed practical help such as childcare, cooking etc were aspects of support. Jobs seen as support as it was a source of support and info as opposed to helping them financially.

Conclusion: The more networks and support a woman has, the higher her chance of survival. This assumes social support reduces stress.

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