Managing Resources for GCSE geography paper 1 2010

Revision for AQA GCSE geography paper 1 2010 on the management of resources

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Use and Abuse of Resources

Growing population = increasing standards of living putting greater demands on resources.Increasing standards of living uses up the resources faster.

Quarrying means digging for land resources - It spoils the landscape and to get the desired material a lot of unusable material has to be removed first. Metal ores make up only a tiny fraction of rocks the rest is waste.

Conservation and recycling provide for the future - Reducing the demand for fossil fuels means that they'll last longer and reduce the harmful effects of using them. Conversing the soil by preventing erosion will provide food for the future. Recycling metals and papers mean less raw material and cuts energy use too.

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Managing resources is a balancing act -

  • Some resources aren't always available for example in the UK the demand for water is in the southeast whereas the highest rainfall is in the north.
  • There won't always be enough to go around. Most resources are produced in LEDCs and used by MEDCs. As LEDCs develop they want more of the resources back
  • Multinationals fear that reduction in consumption will reduce their profits
  • Research into alternative materials and energy resources is time consuming and expensive.

Sustainable use of resources means being sensible -

  • Resource Conservation
  • Resource Subsitution
  • Pollution Control
  • Recycling
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Energy and Power

Humans need energy and we get it from natural resources converted into power supplies done in power station.

Energy resources are either renewable/non renweable -

  • Non renewable resources take so long to form they can't be replaced. These include fossil fuels, they are not sustainable and are a major source of pollution.
  • Renewable resources are sustainable and won't run out, things like water, sun and wind. Wood can be renewable if its replanted
  • LEDCs rely heavily on wood. This is not good as it means deforestation and soil erosion for example amazon rainforest in Brazil

Alternative sources of Energy -

Fossil fuels have started to run out and alternative sources of energy are being used. These are renewable and the only down side is that they can be VERY expensive. For example geothermal energy, wind power, tidal power and solar power.

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