managing a business

brief notes on business management, unit 2 of new 2009 spec as business st. made by an A-grade student enjoy ;p

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the ICS fid many make mistake of not focusing on customer when trying to imporve customer service. private sector better at satisfying customer, treat them with value + keep staff motivated more.

higher customer satisfaction -higher employee satisfaction -less complaints

handling complaints hardest but if success customer become very loyal

meeting customer expectation: 1) market research 2) customer service training 3) set up quality procedures +standards 4) monitor performance e.g. mystery shoppers

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systems of quality assurance

  • right first time
  • consistent, clear message on quality
  • all staff committed,continuos improvement
  • build partnerships with suppliers
  • constantly improve
  • train, staff take responsibility for own quality
  • supervisors encourage + help
  • eliminate 'fear of failure' encourage change
  • integrate dept. share problems
  • set clear, real goals
  • avoid setting global standards of work
  • take pride in work
  • train + educate
  • structure + culture to support aims
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