Managing Rapid Population Growth

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Managing Rapid Population Growth - E, S & P

Social Impacts

Services cannot cope due to rapid increase in demand - not everyone has access. 

Children work to support their larger families and then lose out on education. 

Not enough houses so people live in make shift houses = Overcrowding. This then leads to helath problems from sewers and dirty water. Food Shortages

Economic Impacts

Not enough jobs for the number of people = unemployment. Increased poverty

Political Impacts 

Government focus policies on young people not older peaople which means things important to the elderly (pensions) arent dealt with. 

Government have to make policies to deal with rapid population growth. 

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Policies to control rapid population growth

Countries have to control population growth but make it a sustainable method. 

Sustainable development - allows people of today to get what they need but without stopping people of the future getting what they need. 

Birth Control Policies

They reduce number of children born. 

Laws on number of children a couple can have but also offer sex education and free contraception.

Makes living sustainable because populations dont get loads bigger. Not as many people using up resources. 

Immigration Laws 

Control the number of immigrants, set conditions as to who can come into the country.

Slows down population growth. 

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Managing Ageing Populations

An ageing population has the structure of of greater elderly that younger people. 

Countries with this population are usually in stage 5 of the DTM. 

The elderly have to be supported by the working population - dependant. 

This causes economic and social impacts because there is a higher population of dependant people. 

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Managing Ageing Populations - E & S Impacts

Economic Impacts 

Working populations pay taxes which are used to pay state pensions and services. With a greater elderly population taxes have to go up to pay for everyone. 

Economy grows slower. Less money is spent on helping the economy grow such as schools and businesses. 

Social Impacts 

Healthcare is streched due to great demand from elderly. 

People work as unpaid carers for family. 

Dependant relatives mean people cant afford to have children. 

More old people means that the amount of money given by state pension is lower and people who retire later wont be able to get by.

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Policies to control an ageing population

Encourage larger families with payments and incentives in order to increase number of young people who work.  

Encourage immigration in order to bring in more young people who work. 

Red = dont help sustainable development but increase working population. 

Raising the retiring age so people work longer and contribute to the state pensions. 

Raise taxes to increase the amount of money going into the ageing population. 

Blue = helps to a sustainable development but without increasing population size. 

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