Management of marine production systems

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Management of marine production systems

  • Catch quotas: setting a limit on the numbers or biomass that can be caught
  • Net design: increased mesh size so smaller fish can escape; mesh is not diagonal to the direction of pull so small fish escape more easily; escape hatches that larger organisms can open e.g. turtles
  • Fishing effort limits: a limit may be set on the number of fishing days, boat size or engine size.
  • Exclusion zones: leaving unfished areas where breeding may continue unhindered, may increase the catchable population in surrounding areas e.g. Lundy Island, Lamlash Bay Arran
  • Closed seasons: fishing may be banned for part of the year e.g. during the breeding season
  • Minimum catchable size: to allow fish a chance of surviving longer to breed and to increase the juvenile biomass
  • Captive breeding to boost the wild population: e.g. the release of captive bred lobsters.
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