managed retreat with case study

information on managed retreat and a case study for managed retreat and salt marsh creation

Managed retreat information

  • allowing nature to take it's course by doing nothing from stopping the land from being flooded
  • cheaper to build and maintain than hard engineering defences
  • less coastal defences needed in the area
  • create salt marshes that provide habitats for plants and wildlife increasing biodiversity
  • increases tourism in an area
  • land has to be flooded so some people will loose out on income etc
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case study: abbots hill, essex, salt marsh creatio

  • 283 hectacres of land
  • in 2000, essex wildlife trust brought the farm for £2.3 million
  • managed retreat -knocked down parts of the sea wall and allowed the sea to flood the area
  • costs

         -loss of land and income

  • benifits

         -creates a new salt marsch that increases biodiversity as it creates new habitats

        -prevents coastal squeeze

        -tourism-provides a alternative income for the person who sold the land

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