Man on Wire Key Scene Micro Analysis


Opening Sequence

- shot of box, in rain/thunder in BG - pathetic fallacy

- non-diegetic voiceover of phillipe - introduces protagonist,

- non-diegetic soundtrack of low beating, reminiscent of funeral music,

- interview - voiceover becomes diegetic,

- close-up of calendar - shows date of August 7th 'Le Coup' - voiceover states it's th 6th

- non-diegetic sound of tv - Richard Nixon on Tv whilst arrows are loaded into cylinder,

- introduction to other members of team through interview as music gets quicker - anticipation,

- building tension through interviews expressing inner thoughts,

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Walking Past the Guard Reconstruction

- mid shot of the guard sitting at desk, Phillipe and Jean-Francois walk past him,

- over the shoulder shot from guard - only their shadows are seen,

- non-diegetic soundtrack of comedic tension - slapstickesque,

- shot of shadows walking up the stairs,

- cutting with interview's of Phillipe and Jean-Francois,

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Build up to/Wire Walking

- montage of shots of Phillipe on roof, 

- zoom out from still of Phillipe about to step on wire, 

- Gymnopedie - Eric Satie, begins with picture of Phillipe with city in BG,

- cuts with Phllipe talking about feelings at time - emphasises amazement felt,

- cuts with interviews of team - Jean-Louis crying,

- eyewitness accounts from Annie - "It was extraordinary. It was so, so beautiful."

- zooming in and out of stills - no video - scared to film,

- change in atmosphere when police come - pan across still, music change,

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Archive Footage of Phillipe and Friends

- Non-diegetic sounds of birdsong, Annie/Phillipe setting up relationship, montage of shots of them walking the wire together, "He never thought to ask me whether I had my own destiny to follow, it was quite clear I had to follow his."

- Sydney harbour bridge - 'Albatross' - Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, footage of him walking - practice - filmed him so not that scared, much more calm atmosphere, shots of police resuce vans coming juxtapose Phillipe laying down on wire, 

- Black and white footage of Phillipe and Jean-Louis talking about the twin towers, putting together pictures etc, non-diegetic voiceover whilst quiet diegetic speaking,

- Creating the model, upbeat music whilst preparations are shown, all making the cable move as Phillipe walks it - non-diegetic voiceover with diegetic laughing quiet,

- Shooting an arrow - all in field, green surrounding them - nostalgic, running around after each othe.

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