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elections, community involvement, trade unions,impact of government

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Local government

Each area in the UK has a single local authority. They are responsible for alll local government functions within that area.There are 9 English regions and a government office in each
Regional assemblies: Set up in 1998. The members are all nominated by councils in that region  exept for in London where they are elected.
Unitary authorities: This is a single tier authority and the council takes responsibility for everything in that area.
County Councils and District Councils: They are two tier authorities where most services are controlled by the County Council.
The Metropolitan counties: These are responsible for transport, civil defence and emergency services. Metropolitan Borough Councils are responsible for all other services.
The Greater London Authority: Consists of the mayor and 25 other members.. They are in charge of city wide planning development, transport, emergency services and economic development. 32 London boroughs are responsible for everything else e.g education, housing and local planning.
Parish Councils: Responsible for very small area and have limited powers. They usually oversee things like leisure and recreation.

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Who hold power?

The government holds power in that they make the laws and give grants to local authorities. However local authorities have certain powers allowing them to make decision specific to that area. The people of that area have the power to elect councillors and also the government.

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Local authorities structure

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