Making A Blood smear

Step 1

1) clean your finger with ethonol, then ***** your finger with a sterile needle and place a drop of blood of at the end of the slide

.Diabetic *****ing finger before a blood sugar test stock photo (

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Step 2

2) By dragging the cover slip into the blood and pushing it up the slide you willl create a smear with a forked end. let it dry for 2-3 mins.


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Step 3

3) put ethanol onto the smear and leave to dry for 4-5 mins


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Step 4

4) Add leishmans stain and allow to dry for 10 mins


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Step 5

5) clean the stain off with buffered saline solutn (salt water) then place a cover slip over what you want to look at under the microscope and examine under the microscope.


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