Maintenance of Poverty

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Cycle of Deprivation

  • Rowntree.
  • Poverty breeds poverty, transmitting its effects from one generation to another.
  • Haramlambos
    • positive feedback system.
      • each circumstance reinforces the other.

Live in dirty/decaying houses --> Poor/inadequate food --> Retarded development, sickness, low energy levels --> poor performance in school --> low-paid jobs/income. 

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Culture of Poverty


Values are transmitted from one generation to another - ensures the poor are trapped forever in poverty.

  • Poor develop a set of cultural attitudes.
  • Attitudes help them cope + protect themselves.
  • The poor develop values
    • Feelings of inevitability.
    • Rejection of work.
    • Not caring about the future.
  • Individual level (feelings).
  • Family level (high divorce rate, abandonment, cohabitation).
  • Community level. (low participation in community affairs).
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Culture of Dependency


  • Underclass developed under lower class.
  • Work-shy + don't take employment when available.
  • Lifystyle passed on.

David Marsland

  • over generous welfare state.
  • population created which expects state to provide for them.
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