Main Characters

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  • Clever than Lennie

  • Small man

  • Looks after his friend Lennie

  • He is a father figure towards his friend as he looks after him all the time and cares for him

  • Works well

  • Gives Lennie side and stands up for him all the time

  • Responsible of own self and his friend Lennie

  • He works hard to build their own land (dream of George and Lennie)

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  • He is a big man but is still small, immature and childish

  • He shares a dream with his friend George to own a piece of land

  • Lennie relies on George as he trusts him completely and does what he tells him to do

  • He is forgetful

  • Gentle and kind(listens to his friend and doesn't say anything when he is shouted at)

  • Dependant on George for guidance

  • Likes small animals

  • Strong man

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  • Candy is the oldest ranch hand. He lost his right hand in an accident at work.
  • He is the 'swamper' - the man who cleans the bunkhouse. He knows he will be thrown out and put 'on the county' when he is too old to work.
  • Because of this, he accepts what goes on and doesn't challenge anything: he can't afford to lose his job.
  • He has a very old dog, which he has had from a pup. It is his only friend and companion.
  • "The old man came slowly into the room. He had his broom in his hand. And at his heels there walked a drag-footed sheep dog, gray of muzzle, and with pale, blind old eyes."
  • Carlson insists on shooting the dog because he claims it is too old and ill to be of any use. Candy is devastated.
  • He is lonely and isolated, but makes friends with George and Lennie and offers his compensation money to help them all to buy a ranch together and achieve their dream.
  • When he finds Curley's wife dead, he is furious, as he knows instantly that Lennie was involved and that they have lost their chance of achieving their dream.
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  • Son of the boss

  • Rich man

  • Has power to do what he wants and boss who he wants without hesitation

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  • Has his own  grain team to work with and he is known well

  • Busy man

  • Big,tall skinner

  • Hard working

  • Calm and observes things quietly

  • Has power as he works with the boss

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Curley's Wife

Curley's Wife

  • Has power as she is Curley’s wife

  • Only woman on the ranch

  • Interested in guys as she wanders around with excuses to talk to them

  • Hates Curley and wants to get out of his life

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