Maguire Et al.

Maguire Et al.

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Maguire Et al.

Aim:  Do the hippomcampi of licensed taxi drivers have a greater volume than those non-taxi drivers


  • 16 Male Licensed cab drivers who had passed "The knowledge"
  • Mean age of 44
  • All licencesed for at least 18 months
  • all right handed
  • all described as having healthy medical neurological and psychiatric profiles


  • 50 healthy right handed males
  • selected from MRI scan database where taxi drivers were screened


Quasi Experiment, IV - Taxi Driver or not.  Data was collected from analysing MRI scans using VBM and pixel counting.

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Maguire Et al.


VBM: Taxi drivers had increased grey matter volume in the right and left posterior hippocampus

Pixel counting: showed no significant difference in overalll volume of hippocampi

Correlational analysis found that there was a postive correlation between the lenght of time spent as a taxi driver and the volume of the right posterior hippocampus


Hippocampus shows plasticity, Volume increases with navigational experience

Right hippocamups holds mental maps.

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