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  • Macbeth was promoted thane of cawdor.
  • Macbeth & Banquo meet 3 witches on their way home from battle.
  • Witches tell him he can become king.
  • Macbeth becomes power hungry and is encouraged by his wife to murder king Duncan & Banquo.
  • Macbeth kill king Duncan and his wife drugs the guards and plants a dagger & covers them in king Duncans blood to set them up
  • Macbeth becomes king
  • Macbeths had a party & king Duncans ghost visits him nobody else sees him and this makes him look crazy
  • He begins to look suspicious
  • Lady Macbeth has to get rid of the guests & this this looks suspicious
  • Macbeth goes to visit the 3 witches again
  • Macbeth is told that macduffs children will become kings when he dies, macbeth doesnt want this so he murders macduff's family
  • Lady macbeth starts going crazy and sleep walks and walks of a balcony and kills herself
  • macbeth visits the witches again they tell him that he cant be killed by any man naturaly born from woman and its only when the forset moves that someone will try to kill him
  • macbeth is feels that he cant be killed he has been reassured by the witches
  • macduff joins forces with an english army & kills macbeth because he is not naturaly born from woman.
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Steph Greed


This is wrong, Banquo's ghost is at the dinner table after Macbeth kills him. Macbeth does this because Banquo suspects that Macbeth killed Duncan.

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