Macbeth Key Quotes and analysis

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A1S1 SD – “Thunder and lightning”

Use of pathetic fallacy to immediately indicates the sinister and unnatural. Suggests chaos is about to unfold. (Theme – Supernatural)

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A1S1 WITCHES – “Upon the heath”

Immediately introduces the theme of deception and supernatural. The stage direction shows witches meet in secret.

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A1S2 CAPTAIN – “Like valour’s minion carved out hi

The simile insinuates that Macbeth is a slave of courage, yet the verb ‘carved’ suggest a certain artistry as Macbeth slaughters individuals across the battlefield. (Theme – Heroism)

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A1S2 CAPTAIN – “As sparrows, eagles or hare, the l

The captain describes both Macbeth and Banquo in this simile, both giving them qualities of predators, which shows their strength, courage and viciousness on the battlefield. (Theme – Heroism)

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A1S3 MACBETH – “So foul and fair a day I have not

Indicates the atmosphere of the day is perplexing. Macbeth claims the day is fair due to his success on the battlefield, yet foul due to the presence of the witches.(Theme – Heroism)

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A1S3 WITCHES – “All hail king hereafter”

The witches are using language, which shows they are already treating Macbeth as thought he is in his new position, tempting Macbeth to believe their prophecies.  (Theme – Supernatural and deception)

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A1S5 MACBETHS LETTER – “Dearest partner of greatn

This description shows the way in which Macbeth regards his wife in a far more complementary way than how his wife reacts to him. (Theme – relationships and gender roles)

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Lady  Macbeth appeals  to the dark spirits in order to give her strength to carry out regicide. This shows she would happily be rid of her femininity to be able to take the crown.   (Themes – ambition and gender roles)

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A1S5 LADY MACBETH TO MACBETH - "Look like the inno

Lady Macbeth instructs Macbeth to be duplicitous (deceitful and dishonest) and act kind towards Duncan but know their true intentions. (Themes- Gender roles, ambition and deception)

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A1S7 LADY MACBETH TO MACBETH - “When you durst do

Lady Macbeth emasculates Macbeth to try to force him into committing regicide. She is shown as vicious and determined. (Themes- Gender roles)

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Lady Macbeth cuts off Macbeth’s doubts and she will not entertain the idea that they will his resolve and thinking about the murder; and instead instructs him to be stronger in not go through with the murder. (Themes- Ambition, gender roles and deception)

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A2S1 MACBETH - “Is this a dagger I see before me?”

Demonstrates Macbeth’s mind is set upon the murder as the handle is pointed towards him indicating a resolve is emerging as he considers the act that may indicate Macbeth’s ambition has to be done. This a hallucination.

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A2S2 LADY MACBETH - “Had he not resembled my fathe

Lady Macbeth makes excuses for her lack of involvement in the execution of the murder, indicating that the individual begging for “direst cruelty” has in fact limitations, making her humiliation of Macbeth earlier even more hypocritical. (Theme – Relationships)

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A2S2 MACBETH - "Amen stuck in my throat"

Words uttered by Macbeth after murdering Duncan. He believes his connection with God has been severed due to his deed He cannot pray to ask for forgiveness because he knew it was wrong but willingly proceeded. (Theme -Regret and religion)

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