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Macbeth as a leader

  • Macbeth is presented as a leader before we have even met him 
  • Valour's minion - 1.2
  • Minion: shows he's in control 
  • Contrast to how he is represented when he and LM plan murders
  • Why did you bring these daggers from the place? (2.2)/Leave all the rest to me (1.5)- Lady Macbeth - LM takes control. Macbeth is easily manipulated and gender roles are reversed
  • Macbeth is capable of having authority over Lady Macbeth 
  • We will speak further - 1.5
  • Business: the deed isn't personal - shows weakness
  • Macbeth is demanding over LM and uses imperitive language to have control and lead the 'deed'
  • However, LM has the final say: Leave all the rest to me - 1.5
  • LM will always have final say + overiding power of Macbeth - contrast to how society would expect their relationship
  • Macbeth manages to have a hold over Lady Macbeth
  • Be innocent of the knowledge - 3.2
  • Keeps secret from LM and has control of 'deed' - seen as a bad leadership quality, but good 'manly' quality 
  • Appearance vs reality : should he be loyal to LM or to his leadership? 
  • Contrasts when LM has control of 'deed': Give me the daggers - 2.2 - roles reversed - up and down cycle of gender roles: supernatural 
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Lady Macbeth as a leader

  • LM initiates the idea of the murder of Duncan
  • This night's great business into my despatch - 1.5
  • My - possesive Business - to her it's just work: gender roles are prominant 
  • It's her idea to kill Duncan, not Macbeth's 
  • Audience wouldn't expect her to be leading a murder
  • Contrasts to Help me hence, ho! Macduff Look to the lady - 2.3 - she is seen as innocent, manipulative - a vs p 
  • LM manipulates people into what she wants them to belive - appearance vs reality 
  • When you durst do it, then you where a man, And, to be more than what you were, you would/ Be so much more than a man - 1.7
  • Manipulates Macbeth by playing on his masculinity - he knows he should be strong, and she reminds him 
  • This relationship between LM and Macbeth is the reverse to how it should be in society - supernatural
  • This manipulation can be seen as a bad leadership quality as it's taking advantage of power
  • LM has a downfall and is no longer powerful and a leader to Macbeth 
  • To bed, to bed, to bed! - 5.1
  • Demand - still has leadership qualities, even when mad
  • Going to bed is the last thing someone does - the end of their day: the end of her leadership 
  • Repetition, short sentence and lack of sense - lost all dignity and control over anyone 
  • This is how society would expect to see her (guilt-ridden) - appearance vs reality 
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