Luther: The Papal reactio

The Papal reaction

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The Papal reaction & Imperial election

  • Arch Bishop Akbert of Mainz sent ninety five theses to Rome.
  • Pope Leo X suspended comdemnation (1518)of Luther to gain support of The Elector Frederick in imperial election.
  • Leo commissioned Cardinal Cajetan to woo Frederick and persuade luther to withdraw.
  • Luther refused to recant.
  • Papal adjudication of the case was suspended when Emperor Maximillian died. (1519) succeeded by Charles.
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Leipzig 1519

  • In disputatio at Leipzig(June 1519) Johannes Eck of Inglostadt succeeded in comparing Luther to condemned heretic John Hus.
  • consequently Luther's writing were condemned by universities of Cologne and louvais.
  • Luther's views were attracting interest across Germany.
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Writing campaign of 1520

Luther sensed growing support and responded by writing:

  • `On Good Works`
  • `On the papcy at Rome`
  • `To the Christian Nobility of the German nation`
  • `On the Babylonian captivity of the Church.`
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