Luther: Diet of Worms

Diet of Worms

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Diet of Worms

Charles V

  • Leo X needed political support to condemn L.
  • Charles had sworn not to condemn anyone in 1519 without hearing.

Diet of Worms:

  • L. summoned to answer Imperial diet at worms in 1521.
  • Promise of safe conduct respected.

Luther's response:

  • L. refused to withdraw, claimed reason was the Holy Spripture.


  • Not simple for Charles due to sympathy felt for Luther and hatred for Hapsburgs by delegates (princes).
  • Charles waited till major opponenets departed until passing condemnation.
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Frederick's move

  • F. did not trust promise of L.'s safe paasge home and his men took L. to castle of Wartburg for refuge


  • 1522 Luther abandone refuge to reassert control in Wittenburgh. sermons `Invocavit`.
  • Established new system of congregational discipline under town rather than Bishop.

Andrew Karlstadt

  • reason for Luther's reemergence in 1522. former disciple who led congregation to extremism of anabaptism.
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