Love Act 1 scene 5

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point 1

Romeo transfixed Rosaline goes  from mind

Declare  never been love before

“for I never saw true beauty till this night”

Romeo react by schooled as never seen anybody as beautiful= fell in love her first sight



Fall in love each other they end up dead.



Time father would find lover

Romeo getting himself into trouble. 

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Point 2

In a dialogue laced with methhore  that figure juiiler as a saint

If profane with my unqorh hand this holy shrine.

Romeo compare juiilet to a pure angle who is special that is  like a religion  holy subject



First time they meet each other then seem to like each other.

Surprising Juliet just met the man

father decide how she marry

yet she turn around and  stared flirting with Romeo.

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point 3

Romeo tried convince her kiss her since Only thought kiss that he might be is true love.

Juliet stay still as Romeo kisses her.

You kiss by the book.

Romeo convince  Juiilet to kiss her by flattering. Saying how perfect for him

What to fell her lip touching his.



Romeo is naïve and in  despair that he end getting what he wanted a delicate kisses.

Context Schokig  because in those time it was almost unacceptable to kiss or even touch someone who is not married. 

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point 4

She comment to her self she will die

Know there is love as Juiilet is sacred  of him being married-

We know juiilet love Romeo because she I scared he is married she won’t be able to fel what she already fell


Idea women thing that they get worried about evythinkg for no reason

Not surprising

Back in these time it was not normal for 13 year old girl to be married and because Juiilet wasn’t married yet she wanted to taste love. 

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