Louis XVIII avoided making major errors - assess the validity.



  • Tension from revolution removed.
  • Charles X kept the throne for only 6 years because he was irresponsible.
  • Supported capable ministers.
  • Ensured government finances were stable.
  • Paid off indemnity in 1818, troops withdrawn.
  • Effective system for controlling government spending.
  • Successful foreign venture but gained little popularity.
  • Victorious in invading Spain to free the King Ferdinand VII.
  • Stuck to the charter.
  • Changed electoral system.
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  • Identified with enemies of France.
  • Small mistakes eg. changing the flag back and calling himself King of the French.
  • Second Treaty of Paris - humiliating - couldn't re-establish himself.
  • High taxation.
  • Lacked grace and charm.
  • Went to war with Spain - restoring a bad ruler.
  • Weak leader - fled to Ghent.
  • Got rid of thousands of civil servicemen and government officials - lost jobs they worked hard for.
  • Couldn't resist pressure from the Ultras.
  • Moved towards extremism.
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