Lord of the Flies- Piggy, Simon and Ralph

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  • Piggy seems to be very trusting. He immediately tells Ralph that his nickname is Piggy, despite the fact that he would not like others to call him by it.
  • Piggy's glasses represent clarity; Until his glasses are broken, he seems to make correct, well thought out decisions. However, after his glasses are broken, he seems to be more unsure, and makes decisions which turn out to have disastrous consequences for him.
  • Piggy seems to be relatively confident; he stands up to the older, stronger boys in the group, even when there seems to be little chance of him winning. For example, he occasionally stands up to Jack ("You're breaking your rules!").
  • Whilst this is so, he seems not to stand up to bigger boys for personal gain; he aims to attain a form of fairness for all the boys.
  • He seems to stand up for the little 'uns too; we see this where he voices their ideas out loud.
  • Piggy is very self conscious; he tries to keep himself looking as smart as possible, and tries to keep order (seen where he is folding his socks at the start of the novel, and also when he doesn't swim in the lagoon with Ralph in the fear of making himself look silly).
  • Piggy represents the rational eye of western society and we can see this because he seems to be the only boy who doesn't give into savagery (apart from Simon and Ralph).
  • Even in the moment where Piggy does seem to descend into a small form of savagery (in Simon's death), we notice that he does not take an active part in his killing.
  • Piggy is the only one to not undergo a severe change in character (apart from Simon). He maintains his civil ideology throughout the novel.
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  • Simon seems to be a bit of an enigma. He is a very mysterious, and relatively weak member of the group (which we see in several instances, such as where he disappears into the forest, and where


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