Lord of the Flies Characters

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  • Ralph is the first character the audience is introduced to in the novel.
  • He is discribed as 'the boy with fair hair' which is a reference to light and goodness which instantly gives the audience the impression that Ralph is a 'Good' character.
  • Also, the light reference is a contrast to Jack who is introduced with darkness and shadows.
  • Ralph tries to keep order on the island as it gradually turns into savagery until the boys turn against him and try to kill him.
  • Ralph is the first boy to meet the Navel Officer
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  • Piggy is the second character the audience is intoduced to
  • He wears glasses, is fat and has asthma which sets him apart from the rest of the boys
  • Piggy's real name is never mentioned in the book
  • Piggy is the intellectual boy who tries to hide behind his scientific beliefs to cope with his time on the island
  • Piggy is killed at the end of the book because he is ruining Jack's 'game'.
  • Piggy also denies having anything to do with the murder of Simon however it becomes apparent that he had his own part in it as much as the other boys
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  • Jack Meridew- the 'evil' character on the island
  • From the start of the book, Jack comes across as a very selfconfident boy who thinks that he should be in control over the boys. As the story progresses, Jack becomes more and more animalistic/savage until he leads the murder of Simon
  • The first time Jack sees a pig, he cannot kill it however as the story progresses, the audience can see that he becomes obsessed with finding meat and killing the pig.
  • Jack is Golding's image of a dictatorial leader (like Hitler in WWII) and by showing how Jack uses violent methods to come to power, Golding demonstates that it is easy to let someone slip into power by accident and not realise the possible outcome until its too late.
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  • Although the audience doesnt get to see much of Roger's character, it is possible to tell that he represents the merciless killers similar to those seen in concentration camps during WW2. The excuse 'I was following orders' can be closely linked to this character.
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