Lord of the Flies: Character Essay Plans

This includes Simon, Piggy, Ralph, Roger and Jack

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RALPH: democracy and leadership

  • The fair boy
    • ambiguous
    • leads with equality and justice
    • golden, attractive appearance
    • repetition of phrase reinforces idea of democracy
  • We'll have ... hands up
    • democracy
    • hints at adult world
    • yet adult world is intrinsically flawed
    • childish
    • continues to rely on civilsation, school, discipline
  • eager to offer something
    • wants to share leadership
    • kindness and sympathy
    • is this an error to give Jack power?
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RALPH: relationship with Piggy

  • true, wise friend called Piggy
    • admiration of common sense and wisdom
    • ironic that he still doesn't know his name
  • intelligence ... was traceable to Piggy
    • reliance on hidden leader
    • Piggy imparts knowledge on Ralph
  • What's your father?
    • Golding captures school boy speech
    • what - focus on role/job not character
  • That's what you meant wasn't it?
    • questions show Piggy relies on Ralph and wants approval
    • Piggy tries to make his ideas seem like Ralph's
    • he is the source of all Ralph's ideas
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RALPH: Focus on rescue/civilisation

  • We must make a fire
    • monosyllabic, urgency of rescue
    • must - complete reliance on rescue
  • watched the ship ravenously
    • hungers for rescue
    • compared to Jack's hunger for blood
    • wants to be reunited with the civilised world
  • What? Where? Is it a ship?
    • questions show excitement at thought of rescue
  • jerked his stockings
    • conditioned by civilisation
    • impulse, instinctive to keep civilsation with him
  • discovered dirt and decay ... disliked
    • plosive, disgust
    • doesn't want to be tainted by evi - wants to remain clean and pure
  • O God I want to go home
    • complete desperation
    • exclamation complete desire to go return to civilised world
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RALPH: Flaws in leadership

  • bat's wing
    • evil blinds vision
    • loss of light and clarity
  • he isn't a proper chief / i was chief
    • failure as a leader
    • acceptance that Jack is taking control
  • worthy plaything
    • sees leadership as a toy
    • hints that he'll use it incorrectly
    • yet still values it
  • never be a very good chess player
    • sees leadership as a battle against an opponent
    • battle of black and white pieces (perhaps good and evil)
    • failure as leader
    • game of manipulating pieces/people
  • desire to squeeze and hurt was over-mastering
    • becomes overcome by evil
    • tempted by evil desires, wants to inflict pain
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PIGGY: relationship with Ralph

  • true, wise friend called Piggy
    • Ralph acknowledges his reason and intelligence
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PIGGY: wisdom

  • flashing glasses
    • symbolic of vision
    • suggest intelligence
    • as they are damged, civilsation is destroyed
  • Piggy glanced nervously into hell
    • sees evil of the fire
    • perhaps symbolises the evil of rescue, return to adult world of war
    • prescient of the burning wreckage
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PIGGY: relationship with democracy

  • cradled the great cream shell
    • like a child
    • protector of democracy, parent
    • appreciation and respect
  • caressed the shell respectfully
    • admiration of democracy
    • love and adoration
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PIGGY: vulnerability

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