Lord of the flies

Jack- mask, loss of innocence, bullying piggy, fire, civilisation

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  • Prime representative of savagery; he turns the boys against Ralph and takes away their identity of their previous life
  • he uses the fear of the beast to his advantage and manipulates it to his command.
  •  Jacks desire for power goes stronger since the beginning and that leads him astray
  • He is a natural leader; in fact he was leader of the choir in school. he can maintain authority without using the conch and he undermines Ralph as his leader
  • He later uses the conch to speak to the boys about the beast only for his own means- to spread the fear in them even though he doesn't believe in the beast
  • He bullies piggy as he is different; glasses, physical ability and asthma and feels piggy's intellectualism is similar to a parents tone
  • Jack is unable to kill the first Pig, but that makes his desire for hunting stronger and it foreshadows the death of other victims
  • After he kills the first pig, he begins to kill humans; e.g. Simon and Piggy, this shows his inhumane instincts
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  • He wears a mask to hide his identity so it doesn't stop him from his hunting instinct, this can be seen when he stare at his reflection in the ocean and doesn't recognise himself.
  • Loss of innocence since the beginning of the novel when he shreds of his clothes
  • he is the leader of the hunters and it shows that savagery and evil is in everybody
  • Jack could be linked to the devil himself; he diverts the boys identity of their previous lives
  • Jack doesn't following the democratic society of civilisation and thus forms his own group using the people in Ralph's group.
  • This sense of anarchy must have existed inside of him before the encounter on the island began, but his experiences served to bring it out of him.
  • We get the feeling that if he betrays democracy he must be walking toward the diplomatic stand, therefore Jack can be terminally linked to Hitler.  As Hitler didn't appreciate the Jews as they didn't have blond hair and blue eyes, links can be made to Jack as he bullies and killed Piggy because of his physical appearance.
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  • Gifts are left to the beast as a a token of gratitude. The boys’ behavior is what brings the beast into existence, so the more savagely the boys act, the more real the beast seems to become. By leaving the sow’s head in the forest as an offering to the beast, Jack’s tribe solidifies its collective belief in the reality of the nightmare. The skull becomes a kind of religious totem with extraordinary psychological power, driving the boys to abandon their desire for civilization and order and give in to their violent and savage impulses.
  • Jack doesn't maintain the fire when it was his duty, this shows that hope is diminished of being rescued
  • What is ironic is that when Jack tried to kill Ralph by burning the fire down, he actually rescued him by attracting the British ships.
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