Lord of the flies chapter summaries

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Chapters 1 - 3

uExploring the island: the boys arrive – notice our first impressions of this e.g. the choir arriving like a “creature” moving as one.

uRalph is elected as chief. Jack nearly kills a piglet, but hesitates (social conditioning) and it escapes.

uRalph uses Piggy’s glasses to light a fire to signal ships, but the boys let the fire get out of control and a littlun is killed.

uRalph spend all his time building shelters with Simon – he gets angry that all Jack and the older boys do is hunt. Ralph and Jack argue, then make up. Simon goes  off into the forest to be by himself.

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chapters 4 - 6

uHunting for food and tracking the beast.

uRalph, Simon and Piggy see a ship, but Jack has taken all the boys hunting and let the signal fire go out.

uThe hunters come back chanting, with a pig that Jack has killed. They act out the hunt – Maurice presents to be the pig while they dance and chant.

uThe dead airman lands on the island; Sam and Eric see it and think it’s a beast.

uThe boys hunt the beast, and find Castle Rock.

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chapters 7 - 9

uThe group splits  - Ralph, Simon and Piggy want to retain civilisation with the conch, shelters and building a fire for rescue. Sam and Eric stay with Ralph too. Jack recruits the rest as hunters.

uJack’s tribe viciously kills a pig. They put its head on a stick as a gift for the beast.

uSimon finds the pig’s head covered in flies – the Lord of the Flies. He finds the dead airman and goes back to tell the others what the beast really is. Simon stumbles into the middle of the tribe’s hunting dance (including Ralph and Piggy). The tribe this he’s the beast, and they kill him.

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chapters 10 - 12

uJack’s tribe attack Ralph’s group and steal Piggy’s glasses so they can light the fire. 

uRalph’s group tries to get Piggy’s glasses back but Sam and Eric are captures. Roger leavers a rock off the cliff, which kills Piggy.

uThe tribe begins to hunt Ralph and he runs into the forest to hide. He finds the Lord of the Flies and kills it. Jack lights a fire to smoke out Ralph.

uRalph runs away and the tribe chases him. He runs into a navel officer whose ship saw the smoke from the fire.

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