Lord of the flies - Chapter 8 quotes


Chapter 8 quotes - gift for the darkness

This is the chapter when Jack leaves Ralph to create his own tribe and they kill a sow

  • "'I'm not going to play. Not with you'" - Ironic because they are children, link to the time when he wants to be called Jack not Merridew because it's 'childish' 
  • "Boys armed with sticks" - the final straw in Ralph and Jack's relationship - Ralph says it
  • "When me and Roger went ahead - he stayed back" - Jack openly underminds Ralph
  • "Whoever wants Ralph to be chief ... the silence continued" - Jack loses to Ralph again and runs off crying

Simon goes alone to the clearing - "He was thirsty then very thirsty" - He's been there for a long time

Jack's tribe track and kill the sow

  • "wedded to her in lust" - they are obsessed with killing this pig
  • "till he was leaning with his whole weight" - Roger uses his whole weight to kill this PIG - linnk to when he uses all his weight to roll a boulder that kills PIGGY
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Chapter 8 quotes - gift for the darkness

Jack's tribe steal the fire  "Two figures rushed to the fire" 

The lord of the flies then speaks to Simon

  • Notice that the beast is something is the boys have created on their own - before the island was a calm and happy place
  • "'I'm the beast' ... 'Pig's head on a stick'" - Simon doesn't see the beast as a threat or danger
  • "'We'll do you'" - Link to when Samneric tell Ralph he's going to die in chapter 12 ("they're going to do you") 
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