Short-term influences on British Voters

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  • In order to get into power, a governments needs to ensure a well functioning economy.
  • The economy is an issue where there is broad agreement within the electorate about the goals that government should pursue.
  • It was suggested that 1) Voters see the success of the economy in term of the level of mortgage interest and inflation and 2) People are more likely to re-elect a government which makes them 'feel good' about the state of the economy.
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Impact of Party Leaders

  • Due to the current media-age, people have become more interested in the personalities of those who aspire to lead them
  • Parties are conscious of the image of any candidate for the leadership
  • Peronable individuals who are likely to charm the voters and who appear relaxed on television are the ones most likley to be picked for leadership.
  • See Tony Blair's popularity co-incides with his election wins in 1997, 2001 and 2005.
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Impact of Party issues and images

  • Particular issues in a general election that cause controversy, like a poor set of employment statistics.
  • Sleaze was an issue in 1997
  • Mass coverage has increased public awareness and understanding of policies
  • Judgemental voting = Verdict is based on current issues, images, ideologies, leaders and government performance
  • Judgemental voting has increased the significance of party image.
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